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Hypotrichosis of eyelid

What kind of disease does not happen. A person can suffer from joints, head, and internal organs, skin diseases alone amount to about a hundred. Eyelashes are no exception and may also suffer from various pathologies. One of the diseases is gipotrihoz eyelashes, which is characterized by excessive loss and brittle hair, framing... Read More

What is blepharitis?

Blepharitis is the inflammation of the edges of the eyelids. As a rule, blepharitis is a chronic disease that is difficult to treat. Anatomically distinguish: Anterior marginal blepharitis - a lesion of only the ciliary edge of the eyelids. Posterior marginal blepharitis - accompanied by inflammation... Read More

Eyelashes pediculosis

Before you start the symptoms of pediculosis, let's see how the lice act on the body. First of all, they tightly attach to the hair and make a bite on the skin, feeding on human blood. At this point they release a certain liquid that causes irritation and itching... Read More

What is trichiasis?

Trichiasis - bending the eyelashes inward, towards the eyeball, which as a result causes mechanical damage to the conjunctiva or cornea. The disease is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort, in severe cases, corneal ulceration appears... Read More

Ways to increase eyelashes

If the prospect of completely staying without your own cilia does not frighten you, then this procedure is for you. On average, it takes 2-3 hours, after which you will enjoy long and thick eyelashes. However, eyelash extensions are categorically forbidden for individual intolerance (glue can provoke an allergic reaction), pregnancy and eye... Read More

Diet for eyelash growth

It should be noted at once that the length and density of the hairs are genetically laid, and if by nature they are rare, even a special diet is unlikely to help. However, if their growth is inhibited by a lack of nutrients, then with proper nutrition you can transform their appearance. What do you need to grow... Read More

Medicines for eyelash extension

Interestingly, aspirin, indomethacin and ibuprofen are inhibitors (substances slowing or preventing the course of any chemical reaction) of prostaglandin synthesis, blocking the synthesis of prostaglandins, they slow down hair growth. Any woman during sex is given a huge amount of prostaglandin, which guarantees a good contraction of the uterus during childbirth and is contained in large... Read More

Bimatoprost: before and after

Bimatoprost before and after photos, latisse experience video Read More

Artificial eyelashes

The main thing is not to overdo it and pick up your form and length from a wide range of models of false eyelashes. Our recommendations and visual aid you will find below. Just want to warn you: to glue such fans every morning the idea is not the best. Do not worry, the quality of your own vegetation on the centuries because of them will... Read More

Does mascara damage eyelashes?

It all depends on what brand of ink. Now many carcasses of famous manufacturers forge, and then sell them at a high price, in fact, the tube is a product of poor quality. In addition, the fake carcass contains a large number of harmful substances... Read More

Why some guys have longer eyelashes

First of all, we need eyelashes to protect our eyes from dirt and dust, as well as from various mechanical damages. The eye of a man in the process of evolution has always been more at risk due to the fact that the man was an earner and very often was in danger. Thick and long eyelashes... Read More

What is careprost?

Careprost (Careprost) has a unique effect on the growth, the volume of your eyelashes and eyebrows, as a result of its use (eyelashes, eyebrows) become longer, thicker and darker. The active substance kareprosta is "bimatoprost" which affects the growth of hair. This component has... Read More

How long does the effect of latisse?

Everything depends on the initial state of your eyelashes and the duration of use of Bimatoprost. In general, my cilia "asked" to repeat the course of treatment, somewhere in 2 months. Therefore, I decided for myself to use it once every two weeks to keep fit. But this, of course, after a full course of application... Read More

Masks for eyelashes

There is a common opinion that the structure and structure of the eyelashes are similar to the scalp, and therefore it is sufficient to regularly moisturize and clean them to ensure the optimal length and thickness. However, this is not so. Unlike the scalp, the life of the eyelashes varies from sixty to ninety days. Their loss and growth... Read More

How to care for eyelashes?

To your eyelashes were strong and fluffy, they need to pay special attention. Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, for the eyelashes should be done by special procedures: In the morning it is useful to wash with a weak warm tea or boiled water, then moisten the eyelids with... Read More

Interesting facts about eyelashes

1. A person's eyelash "lives" about 30-60 days. 2. The main function of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dirt and insects. 3. In the upper eyelid there are about 200 eyelashes, on the lower eyelid - about 100 eyelashes. 4. Eyelashes - one of the most important tools of female attractiveness. Long, curled eyelashes give the look depth and... Read More