How to choose artificial eyelashes?

Expressive look is a big plus for appearance. But if nature has not endowed you with long and thick eyelashes, you can use the invoices. What to choose and how to glue them, now we will prompt.

The main thing is not to overdo it and pick up your form and length from a wide range of models of false eyelashes. Our recommendations and visual aid you will find below. Just want to warn you: to glue such fans every morning the idea is not the best. Do not worry, the quality of your own vegetation on the centuries because of them will not suffer. We just think that it's still an element of evening, festive, stage or photo-make-up (well, except that apart from the beams), in other cases your faithful assistant is voluminous mascara.

If there is an occasion for false eyelashes, give preference to transparent glue on a non-latex-based basis. In the tube it looks white, but when it dries it becomes completely invisible. This option is just suitable for beginners - an allergic reaction is not terrible, plus compared to black such glue will be loyal to your mistakes. To avoid them at all, learn the subtleties of skill and fill your hand with our instructions.

First, set false eyelashes under the eyes. Make it simple. Attach the tape to the base of the upper eyelid so that the cilia at the inner corner of the eye were, as they should, shorter than the rest. Most likely, it will be longer than necessary, and you will have to cut it a little from the outer edge. While laying the pads aside and prepare - put on your own eyelashes a little mascara and draw a line of their growth liner.

Now it's a clean brush for shadows. McNee it in the glue and walk along the edge of the lining. Wait until the glue dries (5 seconds) and becomes sticky.

Are you ready? Now with your fingers or tweezers (as you prefer) attach the tape to the line of eyelash growth. Remember, it takes time for it to be fixed, - but for now you can safely adjust its position.

Take a cotton swab, trim its edges so that there is only one plastic. Now lead her through the eyelashes, as well as brush the carcass, when you paint them. In this case, press (up) the hairs at the base. So you better glue your eyelashes with overheads.

TIP: any type of lining is suitable for reusable use. True, the life of false eyelashes depends on care and material - artificial are considered more durable. As soon as the tape is removed from the eye (just pull it by the outer edge), do not delay with cleansing - any lotion for removing make-up will do. And after remove the linings in a special box, there they are not exactly deformed and will be like new ones.

Choose your false eyelashes

The use of false eyelashes is absolutely safe. But, if the vision is far from one or you have a tendency to allergies, be alert. Bypassing the options of natural material - these are far from hypoallergenic. And in the list of your preferences short false eyelashes or medium length, or better bundles - with the last load on the eyes will be less.


If the tape is not close to the bridge of the nose (this is usually associated with the individual structure of the century), your option is bundles or "corners". They will grasp your eyelashes and give the eye an almond-shaped shape without a false effect. So boldly glue such linings in the morning.

Natural false eyelashes

As close as possible to the natural variant. In them you will not look like a white crow even in the afternoon. Enough length, but not enough volume? Then the ink in your hands, after you paste the tape.

V-shaped eyelashes

The V-shaped form of sparsely bundled beams will add length and volume without the "too" characteristic. And different lengths of cilia here - a successful attempt to maximize the appearance of the natural. Although the "effect of presence" will be noticeable to the naked eye. Ideal for an evening makeup.

Eyelashes interlacing criss-cross

Be sure: eyelashes with interlacing criss-crosswise will not stick out in different directions (look closely, your own grow in the same direction), but the densities will add, and the thinner the hairs, the more natural the result. And yet, in additional staining, such instances do not need - just break symmetry and spoil the intended effect.

Super-erect false eyelashes

Uncovered fake. For real life, they look too doll-like, do not argue. But for the camera lens option is better than you can imagine: expressive eyes in the frame without wasting time on the make - what can be more convenient? You will complement the make-up with a wide arrow - you will smooth out the effect of the theatrical makeup.