Diet for eyelash growth

It should be noted at once that the length and density of the hairs are genetically laid, and if by nature they are rare, even a special diet is unlikely to help. However, if their growth is inhibited by a lack of nutrients, then with proper nutrition you can transform their appearance. What do you need to grow eyelashes?

The first thing that needs to be included in the diet is to make the eyelashes long, these are products rich in keratin. Since keratin is a protein in its structure, it is necessary to look for it among the corresponding food products. A lot of keratin contains lean meat. You need to eat chicken, lamb and low-fat beef. A certain proportion of keratin is found in cheese and milk.

But to make the eyelashes thicker and longer, some proteins are not enough. It is very important to consume fats, and only unsaturated. A large number of such substances contains olive and linseed oil. Many unsaturated fats in fish and other seafood. If there are nuts, then the need for fats can be met.

Eating for growth of eyelashes should contain the necessary trace elements. To lashes were long, you need to eat foods with iron and zinc. Iron is abundant in the liver, apricots, yolk, meat, lentils and brewer's yeast. If you are doing sports, then the products with iron in your diet should be enough, because the physical load consumes a lot of this micronutrient. You also need to eat pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cocoa and oysters, in which there is a lot of zinc.

The lack of silicon is not the main reason for the unsatisfactory state of the hairs, but if it is observed, their growth may be inhibited. Silica is a lot in the peel of fruits and vegetables, so eat them along with it. The necessary trace element is found in cucumbers and strawberries.

Sulfur can also help grow long and thick eyelashes. There is a need for potatoes, onions, cabbage, zucchini and raspberries. To lashes were long, in addition to the necessary trace elements in your diet should be a lot of vitamins, especially useful for the growth of eyelashes.

Vitamin A plays one of the main roles in the process of improving the appearance of the hairs. They are rich in carrots, grapes, fish oil, milk, broccoli, cheese and liver. Long eyelashes help make vitamin E, called the vitamin of beauty. If you want to make eyelashes longer, you should eat cereals, nuts, vegetable oils.

Vitamins of group B are simply irreplaceable for good growth of all hair and skin condition improvement. That they were in the body, you need to eat buckwheat, liver, fish, yeast, bananas, prunes and bread. It is useful to take vitamins in pure form, however, do not forget that it is possible to make eyelashes longer with the help of vitamin multicomplexes.

Do not forget to use a sufficient amount of water, which prevents hair loss.

A few words should be said about the benefits of oatmeal, which has a beneficial effect on the growth of eyelashes. It is often called the porridge of beauty, because it contains a large number of all the necessary elements for the hair and the growth of eyelashes in particular.

If you eat oatmeal daily together with nuts and prunes for breakfast, you can eat lean meat or fish with buckwheat for dinner, and salad and cheese for dinner, then in a month you will see positive results that will not only affect the eyelashes, but also The whole organism as a whole.