Does mascara damage eyelashes

Each woman would have once in her life used mascara for eyelashes. Every day most girls and women use such cosmetic advice. Does such mascara harm eyelashes?

It all depends on what brand of ink. Now many carcasses of famous manufacturers forge, and then sell them at a high price, in fact, the tube is a product of poor quality. In addition, the fake carcass contains a large number of harmful substances.

But also to assert that expensive qualitative ink will be useful, it is impossible. It does not do much harm, but you need to be able to properly remove it and follow the rules of hygiene. To do this, you need a special cream or cosmetic milk. Do not forget that every 3 months you need to change mascara, because microbes and bacteria can settle in the brush, they cause unpleasant diseases.

Very harmful can be called waterproof mascara, it should be used only in exceptional cases, from the daily application of such carcass should be discarded.

As for the harmfulness, then there is a share of the risk of lash or dermatitis. This negative effect of the paint is possible if any girl has an allergic reaction to the individual components of this paint or to the paint itself. But at the same time these paints do not contain harmful chemicals that could harm the body or skin, otherwise they would not be sold.

To avoid redness and rashes after dyeing eyelashes, on the bottle with paint there is an inscription that you must first apply a thick layer of cream around the eyes, it will protect the delicate skin from various injuries and burns. Many women prefer to dye their eyelashes at home and adhere to the recommendations and instructions of beauty salons professionals.

With conventional ink, the same situation as with a paint rack. The degree of harm to the carcass depends on the reaction of the body to the constituent components of the carcass. Very few women whose eyes would have harmed mascara. When buying carcasses you need to buy not cheap, but high-quality goods, this will determine the health of the eyes and eyelashes. For example, Chinese ink will not add any health or beauty, it costs a penny, but the damage can inflict on thousands. We need to buy products of such firms that have proven themselves in the cosmetic market and do not need recommendations.

In general, it is not harmful to dye your eyelashes, if you use paints with strengthening ingredients and all sorts of balms. The main thing is not to forget every evening before going to bed to remove make-up by various cosmetic means and give rest to cilia.

On the question of whether mascara harms eyelashes, you can answer that mascara is not harmful to the eyelashes, but you should avoid using waterproof mascara and choose mascara with a good reputation of famous brands.