How long does the effect of latisse

Here are some reviews about the bimatoprost (Latisse)

Everything depends on the initial state of your eyelashes and the duration of use of Bimatoprost. In general, my cilia "asked" to repeat the course of treatment, somewhere in 2 months. Therefore, I decided for myself to use it once every two weeks to keep fit. But this, of course, after a full course of application Bimatoprost. In general, the remedy is wonderful, try it by all means.

I used Latisse for about a month. The first results appeared weeks after two: the eyelashes became black, as if made up, and looked more dense and elastic. But a month later, and the length grew noticeably, so that others began to notice. Then I took a break for a month, the effect stood firm. Now I use twice a week to maintain this beauty)

How much will you use the drug so much and will last as soon as you finish, unfortunately, in a couple of months your cilia will come to their original state. Therefore, after achieving the maximum effect (which is different in all: after 1-2 bottles), you need to maintain the result.

Good afternoon! Personally, I do this: I use the month 2 times a day, the next month I apply Careprost to the cilia in 2-3 days (to maintain), and after that I give a month and a half to the cilia to rest and do not apply anything. As a result, the cilia remain the same healthy, but I agree with many that it feels that the effect begins to subside. After you can also in every 2 days, the agent is applied purely to maintain the effect. If the break was great and the eyelashes are already in a state of neglect, then you will have to start all over again and use Latisse every day.

In general, all in different ways, because all the girls have it individually, but here I personally had three months after I stopped using it, the eyelashes began to come to the state that was before careprost, so I started using it again. I do not use every day, rather, when I remember, about once a week, but to maintain the result is enough.

For maximum efficiency, you should use it regularly. If you have eyelashes in poor condition, then use every day, and when you have achieved the result that satisfies you, then use 2-3 times a week, so to speak, for prevention. My effect from Lumigan lasted about 2 months after I stopped using it, I had to restore the cilia again. So prevention is our all))

Well, I do not know, it seems to me that the effect is cumulative. Used the drug for 2 months, then took a break. No deterioration was noted. In three months I bought a new bottle, now I apply Careprost for prophylaxis. Then again, break off for a month or two. Miracles from the drug should not be expected, but it performs all the declared functions honestly. Yet this is not mascara, the task of Careprost is to work on the hair follicles, and this is a long process.

I took a course then took a break where that month then again passed the course, here in such schedule I lived almost a year, then decided to quit and stopped using Careprost in months 3-4 noticed that the eyelashes became not so beautiful.

For the first time I had a wonderful result for a month and a half, then I repeated the procedure. After the second time, the eyelashes were in good condition for two months. For myself, I decided to use Latisse once in ten days. This is the optimal period for the effect not to be exhausted. And I do not think that you need to make any long breaks.

In general, it's all very, very individual, and of course depends on the initial state of your eyelashes. When I first started using Bimatoprost, for 3 months, I applied it 2 times a day to my eyelashes. And now I do not put a week at all, then I put a week 1 time a day. The effect is not lost. And my friend, for example, and smears every day 2 times. I repeat, all individually!