Some facts about eyelashes

1. A person's eyelash "lives" about 30-60 days.

2. The main function of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dirt and insects.

3. In the upper eyelid there are about 200 eyelashes, on the lower eyelid - about 100 eyelashes.

4. Eyelashes - one of the most important tools of female attractiveness. Long, curled eyelashes give the look depth and expressiveness. Now among the girls in fashion includes eyelash extensions.

5. Long eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity in many cultures.

6. Embryo eyelids develop between the 7th and 8th weeks.

7. Human eyelashes are updated in about seven to eight weeks.

8. The color of the person's eyelashes can differ from that of the hair.

9. Camel eyelashes are surprisingly long and thick.

10. Rhino birds have prominent feather eyelashes, an unusual feature in birds.

11. To paint eyelashes of the woman have begun still in Ancient Egypt.

12. Women of Ancient Rome tinted eyelashes with a mixture of water and pounded lead.

13. Egyptians and Greek women burned special sticks on clay plates and sprinkled eyelashes with this coal.

14. In the East, antimony was used for the same purposes.

15. In 1917, the American firm Maybelline released the first ink, consisting of black coal and petrolatum, and the novelty immediately took hold of the hearts of women.

16. Specialists in physiognomy consider eyelashes an important detail that determines our character. In the old days, eyes in a scanty frame were considered a sign of an evil, treacherous person, whom they tried to avoid with all their might. In the movie, such "bald" eyes come from negative characters, or from losers.

17. At the moment, the owner of the longest eyelashes in the world, which grew naturally, is proved, the Indian Phuto Rav Mauli, who lives in the province of Mesok, is located near Delhi, the capital of India. The length of his eyelashes is 4.7 centimeters.

18. With his eyelashes, if they are pressed to his face, he reaches out to the lower lip. This fact was established by agents of the Guinness Book of Records, with witnesses and with the drafting of a protocol, all the documents necessary for registering the record.

19. According to the record holder, he did not care for his property throughout his life, and even in his youth he cut them (at the time of registration of the record in 2004, Mr. Mauli was 52 years old), even more, he considered the presence of such eyelashes a shameful fact. Many peers teased him and called her half a woman, and a neophyte descendant of artisans in the provincial town was not easily reconciled with this. It is very remarkable that the agents came to establish a very different record (the oldest cow in the world).

20. Finally, I would like to debunk the popular myth of eyelashes: if you cut your eyelashes, they will never grow again. In fact, eyelashes will certainly grow, but slowly - a complete renewal of cilia occurs in about three months.