Masks for eyelashes

Long, luxurious eyelashes are the dream of any girl. Expressive look, capable of fascinating a partner. It does not matter where you are - at a business meeting or a romantic dinner, long cilia is always one more point in your favor.

There is a common opinion that the structure and structure of the eyelashes are similar to the scalp, and therefore it is sufficient to regularly moisturize and clean them to ensure the optimal length and thickness. However, this is not so. Unlike the scalp, the life of the eyelashes varies from sixty to ninety days. Their loss and growth occurs gradually, remaining almost imperceptible. That's why our cilia require special care for themselves. You can get long, thick eyelashes not only with the help of expensive means, which are not yet suitable for everyone, but also at home, using familiar folk remedies. Especially considering that for the possibility of long-term storage of expensive drugs, they often add various components that cause allergic reactions in some consumers.

Mask based on castor oil

Ingredients: Castor oil, rum (cognac also suitable). A great recipe for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Any recipes with oil (including castor) will make your eyelashes longer, as the oils give an impulse to the growth of the hairs and deeply nourish the skin of the eyelids.

Half a teaspoon of rum or cognac is mixed with warmed to room temperature with castor oil (one teaspoon). Apply on the base of the eyelashes and massaging movements on the eyebrows. Keep this mask with oil can be long enough, even to leave for the night, but from the latter it is better to refrain in order to avoid misunderstanding in the form of swollen eyelids or a soiled pillow. Remove the remnants of the product from your face with a cotton pad impregnated with warm water.

Mask based on aloe vera juice

Ingredients: Chopped parsley greens, aloe vera juice.

This tool is used to massage the upper and lower eyelids and eyebrows. Perfectly nourishes the skin of the eyelids, and also gives an impulse to the growth of the hairs. Shredded parsley greens mix with one third teaspoon of aloe juice. Apply lightly massaging movements to the resulting mixture on the upper eyelids. With the skin of the lower eyelids, be somewhat cautious: massage with soft patting movements, very carefully, trying not to stretch the skin. This product is perfectly absorbed, and it does not need to be washed off.

Mask based on vitamins

Ingredients: Oily solution of vitamins (A, B, E), vegetable oil.

To prepare this mask for the growth of eyelashes suitable vegetable oils such as sea buckthorn oil, coconut oil, almond or burdock. The way of preparation of such a means for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows is as follows: mix a few drops of Vitamin A, B or E vitamins with any vegetable oil (for example, castor or burdock) warmed to room temperature (one teaspoon will be enough). Apply the product. Just like in the first recipe, it can be kept long enough. Before applying make-up, wipe eyelids with cotton-wool discs soaked in warm water.

Home-made mask "Three oils"

Composition: Castor oil, camphor oil, linseed oil.

This mask with butter is quite easy to prepare at home. Flax, castor or camphor oil mix in equal proportions, then slightly warm to room temperature. Apply on the base and spread the entire length of the eyelashes. Repeat the same procedure with the tips and bases of the eyebrows. This remedy with castor, camphor and linseed oil, just like the previous masks for the growth of your cilia, can be kept long enough. However, it is undesirable to leave it at night because of the risk of swelling of the eyelids. Wash off with warm water, cotton pads.

It should be noted that vitamins, used regularly, promote the growth and strengthening of eyelashes. First of all, it is a capsule of fish oil.

Masks based on oils - an excellent tool for the growth of your cilia and restoration of eyebrows. Particularly useful and effective are agents based on castor, coconut, flax, hips and other oils. However, to use them daily is not recommended, in order to avoid the manifestation of various allergic reactions. The best option is to alternate them with masks based on only plant elements.