Ways to increase eyelashes

Well, if nature has endowed you with a velvet line of long eyelashes bordering your beautiful eyes! But what if you do not possess such wealth? How to make your view much more vivid and expressive? Let's look at the basic techniques and ways to increase the volume and length of eyelashes that exist today.

Eyelash extension

If the prospect of completely staying without your own cilia does not frighten you, then this procedure is for you. On average, it takes 2-3 hours, after which you will enjoy long and thick eyelashes. However, eyelash extensions are categorically forbidden for individual intolerance (glue can provoke an allergic reaction), pregnancy and eye diseases. It is also undesirable to perform this procedure with very weak and thin cilia, during the period of taking hormonal drugs and antibiotics and before rest on the seashore. In addition, augmented eyelashes require careful care, of which the need to sleep ONLY on the back or side is only a small part of the inconvenience that this "acquisition" will bring to you.

Natural remedies

An excellent natural remedy for strengthening the roots of eyelashes and stimulating their growth is the use of various natural oils. First of all, it is castor oil, burdock oil, peach oil, apricot, almond and jojoba. Fish oil will do. Each of the named oils well nourishes eyelashes, but for achievement of the maximum effect it is recommended to apply their mix with vitamins and juice of grasses.

  • 1. Castor oil + rum or cognac (in proportion 1: 1) - Improves the growth of eyelashes and strengthens their roots
  • 2. Castor oil + burdock oil + almond oil + grape seed oil + wheat germ oil + rose oil + linseed oil (all in equal proportions) Complex care for eyelashes: strengthens the roots, improves growth and increases their volume. In addition, the pink oil included in the mixture removes the irritation of the skin of the eyelids and slows the aging process
  • 3. Castor oil (or fir) + sea buckthorn oil + a few drops of vitamin A (the oils are taken in equal proportions) Improves the growth of eyelashes and strengthens their roots
  • 4. Castor oil + oil extract of calendula + oil extract of chamomile The castor oil, which is part of the mixture, strengthens the roots of the eyelashes, stimulates their growth, and herbal extracts have regenerative, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and soothing effects, relieve gas fatigue and improve metabolism.
  • 5. Castor oil + aloe juice + finely chopped parsley (all for 1 teaspoon, massage the massage in the eyelids once a day for 1-2 months) Eyelids and eyelash strengthening
  • 6. Castor oil + burdock oil + oil solution of vitamin E + aloe juice (oils in equal proportions, vitamin to oils at the rate of 1: 3) Improves the growth of eyelashes and strengthens their roots
  • 7. Castor oil + burdock oil (or olive oil) + almond oil + fish oil + oil solution of vitamin E Improves the growth of eyelashes and strengthens their roots
  • 8. Castor oil + carrot juice (or black tea) Improves the growth of eyelashes, strengthens their roots and gives the eyelashes a darker shade

WARNING: Avoid contact with oily mucous membranes. This, of course, is not fatal, but the feeling is far from pleasant.

By the way, it would be nice to buy a special massage brush, which also apply natural oils. Thus, you will increase the blood flow to the roots of the cilia by massaging them and simultaneously "nourish" them. Light massage of the eyelid skin strengthens the action of the active components. In addition, the ideal option would be a complete rejection of cosmetic products for the eyes. But due to the fact that it is usually impossible - take care of proper care for your eyelashes. To remove make-up from the eyes, use only special products based on oils and light cream. Water with soap because they dry the skin of the eyes, not the best option for you.

The use of all the above measures in the complex, if it does not lead to a strong growth of your eyelashes, in any case noticeably improve them. But be patient, this is not an "effect of one procedure."

Modern preparations stimulating growth and volume of eyelashes

To date, there are a number of modern drugs that help strengthen and grow your eyelashes in just a few weeks. First of all, it's Latisse, Lumigan, Bimatoprost, Evolash and Kareprost. Each of them contains bimatoprost - a substance that affects the active phase of eyelash growth, lengthening it and increasing the number of eyelashes in it. As a rule, the result is simply stunning and noticeable already at the 4th week.

When choosing the best of these drugs, certainly your choice should be stopped by Careprost. Why?

First, based on the composition of all preparations: with the above-mentioned basic active ingredient, the remaining preparations include, although insignificant, part of the components not tested in any way with the bimatoprost. And if the names of some of them sound very promising (embryos of wheat germ, castor oil, vitamins A and E), then the expediency of using the individual causes at least perplexity (various food additives). And what is important: official studies were conducted only in relation to bimatoprost and only when applied to the upper eyelid. If you become familiar with the instructions for the use of all drugs, in some cases it is recommended to apply to the lower eyelid and even the eyebrows. Again, there has also been no official research on this subject.