Why guys have longer eyelashes?

Women can say with confidence that the male eyelashes are longer, thicker, and therefore much prettier than theirs. But beautiful eyelashes make the eyes expressive and give our person a charm. Does a woman have no chance in this competition for the beauty of eyelashes?

Men's eyelashes are longer: fiction or reality?

Indeed, men's eyelashes are longer than women's. Even there is an official confirmation of this fact - in 2004 the owner of the longest eyelashes in the world became a man - an Indian Phuto Rav Mauli, and the second place on the podium is occupied by Muin Buchonaev, who lives in Moscow. So why is it that the male eyelashes are longer and thicker? Objectively, there are several main reasons.

First of all, we need eyelashes to protect our eyes from dirt and dust, as well as from various mechanical damages. The eye of a man in the process of evolution has always been more at risk due to the fact that the man was an earner and very often was in danger. Thick and long eyelashes for men - and an additional measure of protection of the eyeball from various injuries.

The body of a man is rich in hormone testosterone, which is much less present in the body of a woman. It is testosterone, being the main male hormone, greatly affects the quantity and quality of hair on the body of a man, including eyelashes.

Men do not use decorative cosmetic for eyelashes, which have a negative impact on their growth and appearance.